Updated July 2, 2018

1. When and where will DPW enforcement happen?

There will be daily shifts of Parking Enforcement Officers working from 6am to 8pm for all venues that are having events to include the Wharf and Convention Center. Enforcement will be extended to 10pm for The All-Star Red Carpet and Home Run Derby.

2. What do I do if my vehicle has been towed?

Call the Department of Public Works Customer Service Center at (202) 541-6083.

3. When can delivery trucks get through?

Delivery trucks should be scheduled after midnight and before morning rush hour. Otherwise, it will be dependent upon overall conditions at the current time/place. Overnight is HIGHLY recommended to avoid conflicts. If deliveries are coming into any security perimeter, they should immediately have available a way to verify their delivery such as a bill of laden, invoice, shipping documents etc. Without verifying things, they are potentially going to be turned away.

 4. Is there any other transit that would be good to think about taking?

For all venues, Metro, DC Circulator and Capital Bikeshare are great options. For Sunday through Tuesday of the MLB events at Nats Park, we are implementing a geofenced taxi/rideshare pick-up zone. For the days when the geofence is not in place, those options would still be preferable to driving a personal vehicle as parking will be extremely restricted on those days.

The taxis will be along L Street SE between South Capitol and 3rd Street SE. The rideshare companies will pick up along K Street SE between South Capitol and 3rd Street SE. The zones will be in effect from 4pm to Midnight, Sunday (7/15) through Tuesday (7/17). Parking restrictions in these zones will be in effect starting by noon on Sunday (7/15) running all hours through the end of the All-Star Game on Tuesday (7/17).